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Many people think that Disney World is just for fun. That it's all about fun excitement and exhilarating activities. However fortunately you couldn't be further from the truth. Walt Disney World is not just for children. Walt Disney World is also about rest and relaxation. Oh and a little bit of pampering.

As soon as you check into a Walt Disney World hotel the pampering can begin. Sure the pampering might not be on the same level as at a world class spa but you get to relax anyway. Pampering in a Walt Disney World hotel makes you feel special. It might be just what you need after a long day of traipsing around the park after your children.

All parents are in Disney World are glorified bag carriers. I kept on comparing myself to a golf caddy on my last trip. It's great to have some time to relax and pamper myself in a Walt Disney World hotel.

The best and easiest way to make your stay at Walt Disney World as relaxing as possible is to stay in a Walt Disney World hotel. As soon as you arrive at the hotel the pampering can start.

Make sure the Walt Disney World hotel that you are staying at offers Concierge services. Using the concierge services is quite costly however it's certainly worth it. You always get what you pay for and hotels in Disney World are no different.

The service offered by the concierge in Walt Disney World hotel is fit for a king. It really is the best service I have ever experienced.

If you have the concierge service you will get a much nicer room. These rooms will have free bottles of water, drinks, coffee, and tea. The check in and out process will be much faster when using the concierge service because you can use the concierge check in counter. Concierge service rooms also have nightly turndown service.

The pampering starts in the concierge lounge. Every morning you can enjoy a continental breakfast in the concierge lounge. If you don't fancy going out for breakfast you could always have it delivered to your room as room service.

Enjoying the park is great fun but it's also quite tiring and stressful. You can leave your children in the room watching a movie and go down to the lounge. In the evenings they often have wine tasting. It's wonderful to escape and be among adults and sip some wine too!

Each resort is different they all have different perks from employing the concierge service. The concierge service really can make your stay even more enjoyable.

You should check what perks each Walt Disney World hotel has when using the concierge service. You need to find a park where the perks will suit you the best. Call the resort and/or check the details on the websites so that you can get more information.

If you do call up the resorts for information about the concierge perks be sure to ask to speak to the concierge desk. You don't want someone guessing you want the best answers possible!

It can be quite expensive to upgrade to use the concierge service however it's certainly worth it.

Just close your eyes and dream about being pampered at a Walt Disney World hotel. You and your whole family can receive wonderful special treatment. When you allow for the inclusive breakfast and free drinks it doesn't really make the upgrade cost seem quite that high. If your family is quite big the value of the free breakfast might quickly mount up.

These perks will hopefully make your Disney World vacation that little bit more enjoyable and possibly a little bit better value for money too.

You should be aware thought that once you have tried the concierge service at one of the Walt Disney World hotels you won't want to go back to Disney World without a concierge in future!

A concierge can make your stay in a Walt Disney World hotel even more enjoyable and less stressful.

Of course you don't have to have a Walt Disney World hotel to enjoy your stay at Disney World. You could quite easily rent offsite accommodation for you and your family. It may not be as luxurious as a concierge service but it certainly would have its advantages.

Hotel rooms all have one bad thing in common. They are all very small. If you are a family then the chances are that you will all be sharing the same room that's hardly ideal.

If you rent offsite accommodation you should be able to rent a huge villa with more than enough rooms for your entire family.

By allowing everyone to have a separate room you make arguments much less of a problem and so that's another way of making the vacation more relaxing.

Nothing can really compare with staying in a Walt Disney World hotel though. Every single hotel must have cost millions to build. They are all themed right down to the tiniest detail. It's truly amazing when you study them.

Just think how much planning must have gone into each one of those hotels. Even the mattress comforter was themed! Nobody does it like Disney. Magic really does come alive at Walt Disney World.

To make your stay even more magical you could try out the concierge service. The concierge will be delighted to help you with anything you might need. Just make sure you're aware what's included and what's not.

A concierge can not only make your stay at a Walt Disney World hotel more enjoyable it can also mean that you have more time to spend with your children. Think about it the less tired you are the more things you will want to do with them.

So there you go hiring a concierge is obviously benefiting your children in some way. There's your excuse now go and book one before your wife comes back from the loo!

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